Can't Stand Leftover Stumps?

Can't Stand Leftover Stumps?

We offer stump removal services in Louisville, KY

Once your trees are removed, you don't want to deal with the leftover stumps. Stumps are both a tripping hazard and an eyesore. You shouldn't have to deal with them. Tino's Tree Service, Inc. provides stump removal services alone or with any tree removal. Based in Louisville, KY, we're known for our thorough and efficient work.

Discuss your stump removal needs with us now. You can reach us by calling 502-321-9373.

Get to know our process

Our stump removal services follow a detailed process for optimal results. When you hire us, we'll:

  • Look at your stump and provide a free estimate
  • Remove your tree stump
  • Fill in the remaining hole with soil

Leaving a stump behind can allow trees to regrow and pests to make their home in your yard. That's why stump removal is so essential. Book an appointment with us in Louisville, KY today.