Get Neat and Trim Trees Every Time

Get Neat and Trim Trees Every Time

Rely on us for tree trimming in Louisville, KY

You want your trees to grow, but over time, too much limb growth can actually be a bad thing. Branches may begin to break or hang treacherously over power lines or roofs. Most trees also just look better with manicured limbs. Regardless of your reason for getting tree trimming, Tino's Tree Service, Inc. can handle your project. We're a preferred tree care company in Louisville, KY, so you can trust us to do the job right.

Contact us now to discuss your tree trimming needs. We offer free estimates on every service.

Healthy trees need pruning

Routine tree pruning isn't just good for your curb appeal. It can also help your trees stay healthy. Removing dead or dying limbs takes stress off of your trees and allows them to use more nutrients on thriving limbs.

When you hire us for tree pruning, we'll handle the job with ease. That means listening to your needs and removing all tree limbs and debris from your property after the job is done. Everything is taken care of. Schedule a service in Louisville, KY today.